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Check out our new Anatomy and Physiology Coloring Activities!

Coloring activities are an interactive way to improve student comprehension and retention of anatomy. Now you can incorporate coloring activities into your course without students buying an entire coloring book.  Hayden-McNeil scientific illustrators provide beautifully rendered and accurate scientific illustrations of the human body for instructors to explore and choose for their curriculum.

Ways to use our coloring activities content:

  • Build a custom coloring book to complement your anatomy and physiology course materials.

  • Incorporate coloring activities directly into your anatomy and physiology lab manual or text.

Detailed list of Anatomy and Physiology coloring activities

Whether you are teaching an Anatomy and Physiology lecture or lab course, we can assist you in developing affordable, relevant course materials.  We have deep resources to support you through the development process.  You can access thousands of pre-cleared illustrations and images from our Hayden-McNeil Content Collection database or work with one of our on-staff scientific illustrators who can render images and diagrams to your exacting specifications.

As an author, you are assigned your own dedicated Managing Editor who will ensure that your custom project goals are achieved.  See for yourself how we have helped busy instructors like you become an esteemed authors of their own anatomy and physiology course content.

See a sampling of anatomy and physiology content available for your custom project

Sample Custom Solutions:
  • Custom Anatomy and Physiology Lab Manuals
  • Custom Anatomy and Physiology Textbooks
  • Anatomy and Physiology Dissection Guides
  • Anatomy and Physiology Lab Online Courses
  • Digital Anatomy and Physiology Interactives

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