Activity Description: 

This unit provides 16 activities illustrating the cardiovascular system, including different views of the human heart and the veins and arteries attached to it. Completing these coloring activities will help students in retention and recall of the main cardiovascular organs in the cardiovascular system.

Available coloring activities:

  • Blood and blood cells
  • Heart exterior; Mediastinum
  • Heart interior; Blood flow
  • Heart conduction pathway, EKG
  • Artery, vein, and capillary structure
  • Head and neck arteries
  • Head and neck veins
  • Cranial dural sinuses
  • Brain vessels, Circle of Willis
  • Upper limb arteries
  • Upper limb veins
  • Lower limb arteries
  • Lower limb veins
  • Abdominal aorta branches
  • Hepatic portal system
  • Pelvic arteries