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Return Information

How do I facilitate a return/refund?
Please be sure to request authorization for your return as outlined in our return policy (see below). If you have a credit memo that you wish to have refunded to you, please send a copy with your instructions by fax (888-806-7220) or mail to our office. Please mark it "Attention: Accounting." For further assistance, you can contact accounting using our contact form.

When will credit be issued?
Once our warehouse receives your return, it usually takes about a week for the credit memo to be issued and mailed to you.

Please review your invoice to determine which return policy applies to the titles you purchase.

Time Frame
Within 12 months of invoice date and 90 days of authorization date
Variable — See Return Policies below
Restocking Fees
Required: Fax (888-806-7220), contact form, or mail (14903 Pilot Dr, Plymouth, MI, 48170) Return Request for Authorization
Return Authorization Number and box number (1 of 2, 2 of 2) must be written on outside of boxes
Packing list and Return Authorization
Unacceptable returns may be refused or sent back at customer's expense
Strong boxes (275 lb test), no packing peanuts or shredded paper


Return Policy 1
Concerning ISBNs with a format of: 978-0-7380-####-# and 978-1-5339-####-#.  10% of quantities purchased within 12 months of the invoice date.  Permission to return must be authorized in advance by fax (888-806-7220) or by using our contact form. Books must be returned within 90 days of authorization. All returns must be in sellable condition (e.g., price stickers removed). Unauthorized returns and returns in excess of authorized quantities will be returned at your expense.

Return Policy 2
Concerning ISBNs with a format of: 978-1-930882-##-#.  100% of quantities purchased within 12 months of the invoice date.  No prior permission is required.  Returns must be marked with the invoice number on the outside of each carton.  Copies of the invoice, packing list, and chargeback paperwork must be included in each box.  All returns must be in sellable condition (e.g., price stickers removed). Improper returns will be returned at your expense.

Return Policy 3
For nationally adopted titles and access cards only.  100% of quantities purchased within 12 months of the invoice date. Permission to return must be authorized in advance by our contact form or fax (888-802-7220). Books must be returned within 90 days of authorization. All returns must be in sellable condition (e.g., price stickers removed).  

Labeling Instructions
Returns address: Hayden-McNeil Returns Center, 46201 Five Mile Rd, Dock 13/14, Plymouth, MI, 48170.  Returns made under policies 1 and 3 must have the Return Authorization Number written on the outside of each box received by our warehouse.  Returns made under policy 2 must have the invoice number written on the outside of each box received by our warehouse.  Boxes without proper identification may be refused and returned at the customer’s expense.  Returns that require more than one box must be labeled with a box number (1 of 5, 2 of 5, etc.).

Paperwork Requirements
Each return must contain a packing list and a copy of the original Return Authorization (policies 1 and 3) and any applicable chargeback paperwork.  All required document IDs (i.e., Chargeback/Return Numbers) must be provided with the return for proper identification (if applicable).  Failure to provide these documents may result in an unacceptable return that will be sent back at the customer’s expense.

Acceptable Returns
Credit will be issued for up to the authorized quantities upon receipt of the product in sellable condition.  Sellable condition means:

  • No stickers or sticker residue
  • New, unused items
  • Packed correctly (see our shipping guidelines below)
  • Covers are not bent, torn, or scratched
  • Shrink wrap is still intact for packaged titles

Customers who do not follow our instructions will have their returns sent back to them at the customer's expense. Common reasons returns are sent back:

  • Books are sent without authorization
  • Returned quantity exceeds authorized amount
  • Required information not on outside of box
  • Improper packaging materials/box
  • Books are not sellable as new
  • Item has been obsolete for over one year

Obsolete Titles
If a customer returns an obsolete title without proper authorization, the return may be refused, and the product returned to the customer at the customer’s expense.

Class Cancellations
All returns based on class cancellations must submit a return request within two weeks from the start of the school term.  These items must be received by Hayden-McNeil within 30 days of authorization date.

Used Books
No copies of used books will be accepted for return. Only books in new, sellable condition – the same as originally shipped to the customer – will be credited. Any used books will be returned to the customer regardless of authorization status.

Shipping Guidelines
Use strong, undamaged corrugated cartons (275lb test cartons are best).  Avoid re-using shipping boxes.  Pack cartons securely and tightly using appropriate packing materials (do not use shredded newspaper or packing peanuts).  Limit cartons to 45 lbs.

If the cartons are not packed properly, and items are damaged as a result, credit may not be given and we will discard or return product to the customer at the customer’s expense.

Due to the large volume of returns, we will not give partial credit.  If some of a return is unacceptable, we will send the entire return back at customer’s expense.

Credit Memo Guidelines
All credits and refunds must be applied within one year of Credit Memo issue date.  Unapplied Credit Memos will become void after one year.  Requests for a refund check must be made in writing via our contact form or fax (888-806-7220; addressed to ATTN: Accounting).

Credit Memo Discrepancies:
If quantities of returned titles received do not match quantities stated on your Chargeback paperwork, you will receive a Chargeback Discrepancy Notice via email, fax, or mail.  All disputes to the validity of the Discrepancy Notice must be made within 30 days of the dated notice.  All disputes made after 30 days have expired and will not be reviewed.

Shipping Claims
All shipping claims concerning damaged and shorted shipments must be made within 30 days of shipment receipt. The claim may be denied if the shipment has not been signed as “damaged” or “short” at the time of receipt with the shipping carrier (UPS, FedEx, freight carrier).  Defective products must be reported within three months of shipment receipt. Claims can be submitted via phone (888-462-6651), fax (888-806-7220), or by our contact form by an authorized store employee.  

Claims should include the invoice number, claim description, applicable shipping documents such as Bill of Lading or Proof of Delivery with notation of any shortages or damages, and preferred resolution (credit or replacement).  Hayden-McNeil reserves the right to reject incomplete or late claims.

Please note: Customer accounts with excessive claims activity may be required to supply extra documentation in order to receive credit or replacements.

If you have any questions regarding any of our return policies, please contact us at 888-462-6651.